Lucy Tweed is a Stylist who works with Sydney’s most prestigious brands to instill generosity and warmth into their products.

Lucy posesses an inate talent and adept skill for bringing spaces and moments to life by enticing customers to get lost in the experience with a unique style that is at once evocative, satisfying and relaxed.

Having worked as an in-house stylist for Donna Hay for several years, in 2011 she went freelance and hasn't looked back; other than to continue adding value to the magazine and a plethora of other clients including Gourmet Traveller, Pete Evans, Zeus Brothers, Bo Thai and Verve Clicquot.

The pinnacle of this journey was styling Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Welcome to Sydney’ party – an event that would be part of one of the biggest Australian tourism campaigns to date.

In 2012 Lucy joined friend and creative partner Jane Frosh to form the 'Cool Edies', a collaborative studio skilled in conceptualising and styling interiors, food, lifestyle, fashion or events.

Throughout her career Lucy has consistently delivered professionalism, quality and craftsmanship to all projects and this is proven by the impressive calibre of her exhaustive list of repeat clients. 

Her new side project 'Every Night Of The Week' is a candid and earthy exploration of her personal collection of delicious recipes, tools and techniques, all shot at her Sydney family home.